Flower Power

Spring has arrived in earnest here at Foxbury Farm, as the blossom on the cherry tree in the farmyard testifies. Just beautiful.

All Quiet… but not for long

The farm may look somewhat subdued at the moment, but look closely and you’ll see Spring stirring among the shoots. In a couple of weeks the new flower buds will form on our plantations.

On a Roll…

Life at Mitchell and Peach isn’t all launch parties and lavender fields. Here Jod Mitchell sets of to roll a field before planting.

Bee Movie

The fields are abuzz this week, as we prepare for harvest. To see a short clip of the activity, visit our Facebook page here.

Field Work

Jod Mitchell (centre) was delighted to welcome Stylist from the MyShowcase network to Foxbury Farm today. They toured the lavender fields, cobnut plats and bee hive meadows of the estate – all in 32-degrees heat. To visit MyShowcase click here.

Late Blooms

This 7-year-old lavender will be harvested any day now, marking the end of a colourful season on the farm. Happily, essential oil yields are particularly high this year.

Full Bloom

This one-year-old lavender at Foxbury Farm will be ready for harvest in a few days’ time. Recent hot weather has accelerated the plants’ production of essential oil. Once ‘dried’ and matured the oil will be used in the Mitchell and Peach range.

Bountiful ‘bells

These glorious bluebells were photographed at Foxbury Farm this morning. The dark ground in the background is being sown this week as a wildflower meadow.

Back to our Roots

This Ribston Pippin (apple) tree may not look too impressive now but it will develop into a fruit-bearing beauty over time. It’s one of many historic varieties we’re establishing here at Foxbury Farm.

Sign of the Times

From the archive… this image shows the Mitchells’ fruit and veg stall in Covent Garden, London, circa 1968. The family name is visible on the sign above the porter’s booth.

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