Winter Warmer

Even on a crisp January day the sun lends a warm glow to the oast at Foxbury Farm. The rag stone building was constructed around 1850 for hop drying and, unusually, boasts five roundels.

Pure Gold

The rich, honeyed hue of this year’s lavandula angustifolia oil. The yield – amounting to several tonnes – is barrelled and ‘aged’ for at least a year before its use in our formulations.

Field Notes

It has been remarkable summer at Foxbury; tractors have shared farm tracks with Rolls-Royces, bloggers have rubbed shoulders with perfume aficionados. August is enchanting here – the lavender is cut, the bees buzz, the cobnut branches groan with ripening crop.

It is thrilling to think that our formulations and fragrances – blended with our oils and essences, honey and nuts – are enjoyed in 3 continents now. Wherever you may be we hope you find something to delight, inspire or surprise you in this issue of the Foxbury Gazette.

When Mitchell and Peach met Rolls-Royce

It was one of the more unusual sights in the estate’s 120-year history – a fleet of Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars passing through the lavender. This short film captures the day and describes the links between our two companies: both started in the same decade, both the best in their fields. Our thanks go to the Rolls-Royce London team at HR Owen, to Matthew Carkeek, the talented film maker, and to Lisa Knapp, the English folk singer whose vocals provide the film’s mesmerising backdrop.

“The Rolls-Royce of fine fragrance and body products.”
Rolls-Royce London

How to Dry Lavender

Time to Cut

It’s that time of year again, when the air around Foxbury Farm fills with the heady scent of freshly chopped lavender. This lavandula angustifolia, whose ‘peachy’ aroma gave the company its name, will be steam distilled today, then ‘dried’ and matured for blending in the Mitchell and Peach collection.

Flower Power

Spring has arrived in earnest here at Foxbury Farm, as the blossom on the cherry tree in the farmyard testifies. Just beautiful.

All Quiet… but not for long

The farm may look somewhat subdued at the moment, but look closely and you’ll see Spring stirring among the shoots. In a couple of weeks the new flower buds will form on our plantations.

On a Roll…

Life at Mitchell and Peach isn’t all launch parties and lavender fields. Here Jod Mitchell sets of to roll a field before planting.

Bee Movie

The fields are abuzz this week, as we prepare for harvest. To see a short clip of the activity, visit our Facebook page here.

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